Configure Cypress Tests to Run on Multiple Environments Using baseUrl

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This article will quickly see how we can make cypress run on different environments using baseUrl method.

1.) Config File Setup.

  • Go to cypress.config.js.
  • Inside the e2e body, add the baseUrl and the URL to navigate.

2.) Spec File

  • Create a spec file with Cypress.config().baseUrl.
describe('Conf Env Test',()=>{
        let url = Cypress.config().baseUrl;
  • Now when we try to run the spec with cypress run, it will navigate to the site we provided as baseUrl in config.

3.) Override baseUrl

  • Now we might think that the baseUrl is static and not dynamic, and how is this of any help?
  • To achieve a dynamic pass, we can override baseUrl using cypress cli.
npx cypress run --spec cypress\e2e\Tests\ --config baseUrl=""