Advantages of Cucumber Testing Tool

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The Cucumber is a testing tool that supports BDD (Behavior-Driven Development), an Agile software development methodology that encourages team collaboration. It has many advantages, which makes it the most preferred BDD Framework. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Cucumber:

  1. Team Collaboration: Cucumber encourages closer collaboration, helping teams keep the business goal in mind. Cucumber is the bridge between business and technical language, and we can accomplish this by creating test cases in plain English text. 
  2. Involvement of Non-Programmer: Test scripts can be written without any coding knowledge and allow the participation of non-programmers, including manual testers.
  3. Easy to Setup and Use: Cucumber is easy to set up and use. It can be easily configured with IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ. You can also install the IDE-specific Cucumber plugins for better support.
  4. Reusability: Due to simple test script architecture, Hooks, Background, and Data Table, Cucumber provides code reusability. 
  5. Free to Use: Cucumber is a free-to-use tool. Cucumber and related libraries are available on the repository website to download and use.
  6. Support Different Languages: Cucumber supports many languages such as Java, .Net C#, Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.
  7. Localization: Cucumber Scripts are in the Gherkin language, supporting several languages. You can write keywords and steps in many languages. Testing a Multilingual website is super easy with Cucumber.
  8. Integration with Framework: You can easily integrate Cucumber with other frameworks like TestNG, JUnit, NUnit, Selenium, etc.
  9. Data-Driven Testing: Cucumber has inbuild support for Data-Driven Testing using Data Tables and Scenario Outline Examples.
  10. Reporting: Cucumber has its own HTML, JSON, and XML reporting feature. You can also integrate with other reporting libraries like Extent and Allure. 
  11. Community Support: Cucumber is a well-established tool. You will find hundreds of tutorials and discussion forums on the Internet.