Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft SQL Server

Advantage of Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Increase Data Security: It ensure the security of database especially with MS-SQL Server database administrator service.
  2. Ease of Configure: Unlike another database management system the installation and configuration is easier.
  3. Optimized Data Storage: We don't require any other data storage for the same database while using different device also.It also allows the troubleshooting and maintenance of data easily.
  4. Data Recover Support: If the power interruption or server shutdowns occurs data may be corrupted so Microsoft SQL Server eliminates the risk of losing data by having features for data recovery and restoration.

Disadvantages of Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Cost: If you want some more advance features and database application you can make investments for higher version also.
  2. Restricted Compatibility: You can make some additional investments in Microsoft Software if you want to used little microsoft infrastructure  but they will allow you to use Microsoft SQL Server on your platform.
  3. Hardware Restriction: You might need a newer machine if your hardware is of older version because newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server need advanced technologies to run.