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YouTube Marketing Interview Questions

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How YouTube is valuable now a days?

YouTube's objective is to give all the particiapants a voice and also to show the world's activities to the users.
Today YouTube has over two billion monthly logged-in users. People are watching enough video to keep them engaged. 

Here are the some core values of YouTube:

Rich and Diverse content: Users are uniquely passionate about YouTube because it provides something traditional TV can’t: exactly what they want, when they want it, however specific their interests, and whatever their state of mind. 

Opportunity to engage with creators: Viewers are able to engage with creators directly on YouTube. They enjoy a more intimate and authentic experience with YouTube creators than TV stars. YouTube allows for in-depth and instant engagement where creators feel personally relevant to viewers. 

Connect with a community: Viewers are thriving communities, big and small, ranging from the popular and mainstream to the niche and quirky. Viewers feel that they are not alone in their curiosities, creativity, and passions.

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