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What A.I.D.A means in Marketing?

It is Marketing process or Principle from getting someone aware to actually purchasing the product.

Where AIDA acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Who is reading your copy
Demographics- Age range, Gender, Likes, dislikes, on which part they are
What is their Problem and What solution you have

Build an Argument for your Brand
Tell Story- Telling story to people to engage people and Prove Yourself

Shift from Interest to wanting your product
Further Demonstrate why you can solve their problems.

Way Provide a call to action for example:Sign Up below, Purchase now, Get the Deal this weekend
Make it easy to purchase, think about design, button and text- To make flow nicely, easier its better to get click on Call to action in fast manner.

It is Hard to sustain the existing customers as compared to the new customers. Connect with them on social or on mails.