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Appium With Java Tutorials


1. Appium Introduction 

2. Appium Installation & Setup on Windows

3. Appium Installation & Setup on MacOS

4. Appium Installation & Setup Ubuntu

5. Appium Framework Setup

6. Capabilities

7. Setting up Emulators and Simulators

8. Appium GUI

  • Appium Logs (Coming Soon)
  • Set and save Desired Capabilities (Coming Soon)
  • Swipe/Tap by Coordinates Appium (Coming Soon)
  • Record Script in Appium (Coming Soon)
  • Refresh, Back, Copy XML Source in Appium (Coming Soon)

9. Automate Native & Hybrid Android App

  • Finding Android App Element using Appium Inspector (Coming Soon)
  • Download sample .apk file for Your project  (Coming Soon)
  • Write your first Appium Script   Coming Soon)
  • Execute Test on Real Android Device (Coming Soon)
  • Execute Test on Android Emulator (Coming Soon)

10. Automate Native & Hybrid iOS App  (Coming Soon)

11. Automate Android Web Based App

12. Automate iOS Web Based App

13. Synchronize Your Test (Coming Soon)

14. Advance Project Setup (Coming Soon)

15. Integration with Selenium Grid (Coming Soon)

16. Integration with Cucumber (Coming Soon)

17. Integration with Git, Maven and Jenkins