Which of the following is/are true regarding the scaling of variables? More than one option(s) may be correct.

Scaling should always be done after the test-train split since you don't want the test dataset to learn anything from the train data. So if you're performing the test-train split earlier, the test data will then have information regarding the data like the minimum and maximum values, etc.

MinMax scaling scales in such a way that all the values lie between 0 and 1 using the formula:

x−min(x) / max(x) − min(x)

So if you have dummy variables, which can only take the values 0 and 1, you can notice that for the case of zero, the variable remains zero and for the case of 1, the variable remains 1.

On the other hand, the standard scaler scales in such a way that the mean of the dataset becomes zero and standard deviation becomes one. So this will clearly distort the values of the dummy variables since some of the variables will become negative.