What is Quora and how it is useful as a Marketing Tool?

Quora is a Question and Answer website started in 2009. People ask questions and you can answer there. Quora connect the people who have knowledge to the people who need it. The heart of Quora is questions — questions that affect the world, questions that explain recent world events, questions that guide important life decisions, and questions that provide insights into why other people think differently.

Many industry experts use Quora as a platform to communicate with people in their industry. There are now exhaustive answers to many relevant and important questions. As a result, many digital marketers have recognized the huge potential of Quora as a marketing platform.

Quora can be a great way to keep generating content ideas to keep a fresh flow of useful and relevant information. For example I am searching for a topic. The search inquiry will bring up the topics that are relevant. The first step is to follow those topics and other related topics with a large following.

When you follow a topic;

  • You will see a list of questions asked.
  • Quora notifies you of new questions relating to that topic via email.

These questions give you an insight into your target audience and the kind of content they need.