What is Exploratory Testing?

Exploratory testing is about exploring, finding out about the software, what it does, what it doesn't do, what works and what doesn't work. Testers have to understand the application first by exploring the application and based on this understand they should come up with the test scenarios. After that start actual testing of application.

Here are some key points:

  • This approach is useful when there is no or poor specification and time is limited.
  • In this testers are involved in minimum planning and maximum test execution.
  • Test Design and Test execution activities are performed in parallel without formal documentation.
  • Exploratory Testing is a testing approach that allows you to apply your ability and skill as a tester in a powerful way.
  • In this type of testing tester have freedom in testing. The finding bug is not only depends on experience of tester but also on the skill of the tester.