What Are The Risks Associated In Automation Testing?

The risks of Automation Testing are:

  • Do you have skilled resources? Automation testing demands resources with some knowledge about programming. Firstly, focus on resources and then identify whether the resources have proper knowledge for automation testing. Are they capable to adapt easily to the new technologies? These measures are to be well assessed for building an automation testing team.
  • The initial cost for automation is high. The initial cost for automation is too high for the initial setup. It includes the cost of automated tools to be purchased, training and maintenance of the test scripts. The unsatisfied customer base is high for automation testing their products. It should be ensured that the cost compensates the testing results.
  • If UI is not fixed, do not think about automation: Prior to automating the user interface, it should be strongly be determined that, whether the UI is changing extensively or the cost of the automated script maintenance is high or not.
  • Stop automating the tests which run once: Ensure that certain test cases might be running once and not included in the regression testing. Avoid automating such test modules.