What are the requirements to write Appium tests?

  • Driver client – Mobile applications are driven by Appium like that of a user. With the help of a client library Appium tests can be written and these will wrap the steps of a test and then send it Appium over the HTTP.
  • Appium Session – Appium tests takes place within a session so it is important to initialize an appium session first. Once there is an end to the automation of a session it will be ended and wait again for the next session.
  • The desired capabilities – In order to initialize an appium session it is very important to design some parameters which are known as desired parameters. These parameters are platform version, platform name, device name and many more. This also helps in specifying the type of automation that is required from the Appium server. 
  • Driver Command – In Appium you have the facility to write the tests by using a big and expressive collection of commands.