What are the fundamentals of Lead Nurturing?

Marketing automation software & Conversation: Conversations like emails, live chat, facebook messenger and other social medium play critical role in lead nurturing because this is how you deliver message to your contacts. With the help of marketing software you can create the strategy to nurture the lead campaigns.

There are three elements of a Lead Nurturing Strategy:
1. Contact Management
2. Segmentation
3. The Buyer's journey

1. Contact Management: It is a strategy that focuses on using a software program to easily store and source a contact's information. Contact information includes contact Name, email address, contact history etc. 
Contact management is most important as it is the heart of the Marketing and sales strategy and to equally important for lead nurturing campaigns. Those contacts should be removed from database who have opted out or invalid contacts.

2. Segmentation: Segmentation is dividing contacts in to smaller groups based on similarities. Each contact is unique, with the help of segmentation groups will be created with the similar kind of nature or properties.

Segmentation is an important part of having great conversations. And having great conversations is an important part of lead nurturing.It also helps you to tailor the message to be more relevant and engaging to the people receiving the email. Keeping database clean and healthy always should be on priority.

3. The Buyer's journey:  The next strategy comes the active research process someone goes through leading up to a purchase. This is where you define different audience you send email to. There are 3 stages: a) Awareness stage b) Consideration stage c) Decision stage. Depending upon the different stages where your customer is you can use your content and optimize your ads with different objectives.