What are the challenges or technical limitations of Selenium?

Following are the limitations of Selenium: 

  • Testing of Web Application only: It only support automation of Web Application. You can not automated Desktop Application. It can not automate mobile applications also. You need Appium for Mobile Apps Testing.
  • No Captcha Support: Selenium can not automate capcha.
  • No Bar Code or Fingerprint Support: Selenium can not read Bar code.
  • No Build-in Reporting: Depend on third party report tool like JUnit, TestNG or Extent Report.
  • No Vendor Support: Open Source, No Direct Support. However large community support
  • Programming Knowledge: Required if you are using WebDriver. For IDE no or less programming knowledge required.
  • No Image Testing or Bitmap Comparison: Integrate with other tools for this
  • No repository Concept: Maintenance of Objects Difficult.
  • Browser Updated Required: Require Update of driver when browser update
  • Dynamic IDs: Good understanding needed to handle dynamic ID
  • Ajax/JavaScript and Popup Handling: Typical, Selenium is not good for Angular applications
  • No Object Repository
  • Programming skills Required
  • No Test Management tool Integration
  • Not easy to setup test environment
  • No Automation of audio or video

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