What are the advantages of Python?

Here are some key benefits of Python programming language:

  • Simple and easy: Easy-to-learn for beginners
  • Portable: Python programs can run on cross platforms without affecting its performance.
  • Extensible: It is very flexible and extensible with any module.
  • Build-in data structure: Tuple, List, and Dictionary are useful integrated data structures provided by the language.
  • Build in Type: Having the built-in data types saves programming time and effort from declaring variables
  • Large Community Support
  • Object-Oriented: Python allows to implement the Object Oriented concepts to build application solution.
  • Dynamically Typed
  • First-Class Object
  • Interpreted: Python is an interpreted language. It does not require prior compilation of code and executes instructions directly.
  • Readability: Provide easy readability due to use of square brackets.
  • High Level Language
  • Cross-Platform
  • Free and Open Source: It is an open source project which is publicly available to reuse. It can be downloaded free of cost.
  • Huge Standard Library: Python comprises of a huge standard library for most Internet platforms like Email, HTML, etc.
  • Memory Management: Python does not require explicit memory management as the interpreter itself allocates the memory to new variables and free them automatically.