What are the advantages and disadvantages of using MySQL?

There are several advantages of MySQL which are making it a more popular database system now. Some significant advantages and disadvantages of MySQL are mentioned below:


  • It is well-known for its reliable and secure database management system. Transactional tasks of the website can be done more securely by using this software.
  • It supports different types of storage engines to store the data and it works faster for this feature.
  • It can handle millions of queries with a high-speed transactional process.
  • It supports many advanced level database features, such as multi-level transactions, data integrity, deadlock identification, etc.
  • Maintenance and debugging processes are easier for this software.


  • It is hard to make MySQL scalable.
  • It is not suitable for a very large type of database.
  • The uses of stored routines and triggers are limited to MySQL.