How do you send the right email?

To send the email three components must be considered:

1. The right email 
2. The right person
3. The right time

1. The right email: The right content you provide to your customers. For example: When you take a specific action on website around a certain topic and an email is triggered. By sending the right content is about delivering the right contextual message to those who are reading it. This is how a trust is developed between you and customer and a healthy email marketing strategy.

2. The right person: It includes how you have segment your contacts.Segmentation is the process where  contacts are divided in to smaller groups based on similarities. It tailor your message more engaging and relevant to those who are receiving the email.

3. The right time: The appropriate time when to send the email to those contacts. Timing powers your email. When you send the mails on correct timings you will see relationship between contact and timing.