How to create remarkable ad content?

Quality/ Relevance score: It is the score that judges quality of your ads.It is scaled in between 1-10.The higher the relevance score better consider its performing. It provides positive and negative feedback as well.

How to improve relevance score to make the remarkable ad:

  1. Be specific with your targeting
  2. Use images, assets and videos that resonates with your audience. 75-90% of your ad's overall performance is attributed to the image you use. 43% of consumers would watch a video ad if they thought content  is relevant.
  3. Pay attention to how long you've been running the ad. An ad that was once received positive start, show diminishing returns over time. It is called Ad fatigue.
  4. Landing page content should have the content you showed in your ad.
  5. To run and experience/ test the strategy which best suits for your company. It is the quickest way to reach the audience.