How to Automate OTP in Appium

You can automate OTP validation from Appium in two ways.

  1. By opening messages application in android and reading OTP from there.
  2. By opening notifications and read OTP.

To open messages application we need to open the app using below code:

driver.startActivity(AppPackageName, AppActivityName);

To Read OTP from notification we can open notification using below code:


Now you can inspect OTP text element and read the text. For example, if your OTP text is: Your OTP is 3357

You can get OTP as below:

string otp = driver.findElementByXpath("//*[contains(@text,"Your OTP is")]").getText().split(" is")[1]

Above code will return OTP into the string variable. Now you can use below code to come back to the application.


Note: This solution is for Android only.