Differentiate between Hive and HBase.



Hive is a ‘data warehouse software’ that enables you to query and manipulate data using an SQL-like language known as HiveQL.

HBase is a distributed data store built on top of HDFS, and it can leverage all the benefits provided by Hadoop or HDFS.

Hive abstracts the programming complexity of MapReduce and provides a simple SQL-like language known as HiveQL for querying data sets.

HBase does not have a native data-processing engine and relies on Map-Reduce and Spark APIs for data processing.

Hive has model.





HBase has a columnar data model.

Apache Hive has high latency as compared with HBase. Hence, it is not preferred for looking up individual records.

HBase provides a random and fast lookup on top of HDFS, which allows a user to query for individual records.