Google Analytics Interview Questions

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What is a Session?

02/18/2021 - 20:23 by mahuja

A session is a group of user interactions with your website that take place within a given time frame.  For example a single session can contain multiple page views, events, social interactions, and ecommerce transactions. The period of time a user is active on your site or app. By default, if a user is inactive for 30 minutes or more, any future activity is attributed to a new session. Users that leave your site and return within 30 minutes are counted as part of the original session.

What is the formula for calculating Unique Visitors?

02/18/2021 - 20:06 by mahuja

A unique visitor is calculated by the IP address used to access a website. No matter how many times an IP address visits a page or website, it only counts once in the time period being measured. A shared computer will result in only one unique visitor count, even if multiple different users visit the site.

Does Google Analytics show unique visitors?

02/18/2021 - 20:04 by mahuja

Google Analytics does not report on unique users anymore. According to Google's own definition: The 'users' metric includes both new and returning users. So if 'users' metric includes both new and returning users, then certainly the number of users can't be equal to the number of unique users (or unique visitors).

What are unique visitors?

02/18/2021 - 20:03 by mahuja

Unique Visitors is the number of unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period.

What is Bounce rate?

02/18/2021 - 19:45 by mahuja

Google refers to a "bounce" as "a single-page session on your site."

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that leave your website (or "bounce" back to the search results or referring website) after viewing only one page on your site.

As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent. 41 to 55 percent is roughly average. 56 to 70 percent is higher than average.