Oracle SQL Developer: Why do we need to create database connection?

Query: Why do we need to create database connection?  Please tell I don't have idea about sql.

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Video Title: Creating a Database Connection using SQL Developer to Oracle Express Database
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Why do we need to create database connection?

  1. Through database connection sql developer talk to Oracle Database
  2. SQL Developer is just a tool to access databases in a more user-friendly way. You can access database using command prompt as well after downloading Oracle but SQL developer provides better way of accessing and manipulating data.
  3. SQL Developer connections is used to browse the database, create schema objects, execute and tune ad-hoc SQL statements, run reports against the data dictionary and create, execute and debug PL/SQL.
  4. SQL Developer is not just for developer using DBA panel, we allows hiding details by applying certain restrictions, in terms of privileges. It is basically in the hand of the Data Base Administrator, to decide what all data is to be shown to which user and what all data is to be hidden from the different users.

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