Cucumber Extent Report: remove est stepDefinations LoginSteps takeScreenShot

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Video Title: Add Screenshot to Cucumber Extent Report for every step using Cucumber Extent Adapter
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Virendra Mishra: Hi please help me to remove this line from html and pdf report


bastian mesa: Nice Video, thanks
btw could we hide


From extensive research, it has come to know that a mere version change can resolve these extra unwanted steps in reports.
For your reference, you can go through this link for all properties and config changes so that you might get the necessary idea to modify your project according to your need.

Hi Virendra Mishra,

Were you able to resolve the issue. I am also facing the same issue.

Unable to remove the below line from html and pdf.

afterStepsScreenshot( Scenario)

Could you please share the solution.

arilio666  Ashwin, have gone through the link shared but still unable to resolve. Kindly share the solution.