Cucumber Extent Parallel Execution: Report generate only for the last completed script

Source: Linkedin (Tarun Goswami)

User: Suvarna Kulkarni


I am facing an issue where I am running automation scripts in parallel. Right now report generate only for the last completed script. It looks like it overwrite the report

Is there any way I can create reports for all feature files.

I am using jvm parallel plugins and has two runners for two features files

I use info cukes dependencies

devraj, Mon, 01/10/2022 - 13:35


Please note:

1. Cucumber JVM Parallel Plugin: "Before reading further, you probably should not be using this plugin. As of cucumber-jvm:4.0.0 parallel execution is supported natively by cucumber. As such, upgrading to Cucumber 4.0.0 is recommended and this plugin is no longer maintained." (Source: temyers/cucumber-jvm-parallel-plugin)

2. Info.cukes: This is very old library of cucumber now latest version is 7+, please switch to new version (Read here: Difference between info.cukes and io.cucumber

Please refer Cucumber Tutorial to see the working version with different reports.