Advantages of stream processing

Note: Multiple options may be correct.

  1. There is no latency in processing data.
  2. Stream processing is 100% fault-tolerant and does not miss any data, unlike batch processing, which loses a batch after server failure.
  3. Stream processing does not always require storage of records.
  4. Stream processing is more efficient than batch processing even in batch processing applications.

The Correct Options Are C and D

Let me walk you through the reasons:

For A: It is a fact that stream processing has low latency but not nil latency.

For B: No system in the world is 100% fault-tolerant even with the right approach and component.

For C: With no time limitations on the output the data flow is continuous and with this instant flow systems do not require large amounts of data to be stored.

For D: Considering all factors stream processing is more efficient than batch when compared.