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Drupal Database Management Interview Questions

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Why Drupal needs database? What databases are supported?

Drupal stores its information in the database like individual pages, registered users and so on.  For your Drupal site, database forms the back end.

Drupal Supports:

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite.
  • MS SQL Server (With Additional Driver)
  • Oracle¬†(With Additional Driver)

Explain how database system of Drupal works?

In a database Drupal stores information, and each information has its own database table. For example, the basic information regarding the nodes of your site are stored and kept in the node table, and if you use the CCK (Content Construction Kit) module to add fields to your nodes, the field information is stored in a separate table.

Explain PDO in Drupal ?

PDO is referred as PHP Data Objects. It is a lean and consistent way to access the database. It helps the developers to write portable code in the easier way. It is like a data access layer that uses a unified API.

Drupal provides a database abstraction layer, which helps the developer to work easily with multi-database servers. It is used to preserve the syntax and power of SQL and to work with complex functionality. It provides a defined interface for dynamic queries with using security checks and good practices. This process is developed at the top of the PDO database API.

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