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Drupal Content Types Taxonomy and Comment Types Interview Questions

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What is Drupal weight?

The term weight in Drupal is used to order nodes. Nodes with lower weight will be at top of the list while nodes with heavier weight will be at lower position.

Explain the concept of “nodes” in a Drupal system.

All content on a Drupal website is stored and treated as "nodes". A node is any piece of individual content (e.g., a page, article, forum topic, blog entry, etc.). Note, though, that comments are not stored as nodes but are always connected to a node.

The ability to create different “content types” is a way Drupal allows you to have different kinds of nodes for different purposes. For example, an “article” is one content type, a “book page” is another, and a “blog entry” yet another. You can also create new content types of your own.

Treating all content as nodes provides a great deal of flexibility that facilitates and simplifies creating new types of content. It also makes it easy to apply new features or changes to all content of a particular type.

What is Drupal’s taxonomy system and what are some of its key features?

Drupal comes with a built in taxonomy system that allows for categorization of the nodes on a site.

The taxonomy system allows for arbitrary definition of terms, as well as arbitrary organization of those terms into vocabularies. There is no limit to the number of vocabularies that can be created, nor is there any limit to the number of terms that can be included in a vocabulary.

A vocabulary can also have free tagging which means that, instead of entering specific terms ahead of time, users may enter tags freely at the time the content is created and those tags automatically become terms in that vocabulary.

Drupal’s taxonomy system is one if its most powerful and flexible features.

Explain what is render array in Drupal?

For Drupal content render arrays are the basic building blocks.

In Drupal, render arrays provide you a structured way to programmatically change the content before it is displayed.

Explain what is Drupal weight?

The term Drupal weight is used to describe the priority or order in which the function is processed, or block/ node is displayed.

A heavier (+10) weights will appear lower in lists while a lower weight (-10) will float to the top of lists.

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