Why Software Testing is Necessary?

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The software has been introduced everywhere over the period. Even products of your daily needs require software. A few examples are Washing machines, TV, Microwave Oven, Fridge, etc. Even the toys in the hand of Kids' has Software today.

Today people like iPhone not just because of its cool look but also because of its excellent quality. Quality is not just related to hardware. It is also associated with its software. Quality is essential for all types of software, including system, utility, and application software. Let's understand why it is necessary to test the software:

1. Quality Product

Testing identifies defects in software products and ensures that defects are fixed without impacting other software components. Software Testing ensures that software meets quality characteristics like Functionality, Performance, Compatibility, Usability, Reliability, Security, Maintainability, and Portability.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Whether it's an online shopping engine like Amazon, an OTT platform like Netflix, or a social media platform like Facebook. All are generating high revenue because customers are satisfied. Quality product is one of the significant factors for a happy customer. Customers will stop using your services if they regularly face an issue or have a bad experience with your service and will start switching to other similar applications. Your system must be secure, easy to use, and bug-free for customer retention.

3. Save Time and Money

If a defect is discovered later when a large amount of the system has already been built or the end user started using software, the defect will cost us a lot. That's why Testers are involved as early as possible in Software Development.

4. Lack of Objectivity

Software developers lack the objectivity to be able to test their work. Someone testing something they created may bring unconscious or unintentional bias into the testing process. Also, developers are not specially trained and skilled to do the testing job.

5. Secure Software

Insecure Software is eating the world. Stolen Information from different organizations like Banking, Government, and businesses can significantly impact the individual, organization, or Country.

6. Mitigate Risks

Software bugs can potentially cause financial and human loss; history is full of such examples. Continuous testing is crucial to mitigate the risks and ensure that the software is ready for live operation.

7. Business Continuity

To stay in business or get more business, you must ensure that your product is secure, risk-free, bug-free, user-friendly, developed as expected, and within budget. You can not confirm these things without adequately testing the software.