Understanding the Network possibilities in Digital Advertising

To understand the network possibilities we make sure where the Ad have to advertise. It has two main factors to determine:

  • What are the capabilities of each ad network
  • Is your target audience on that network


  1. Let's take an example of Facebook. A study says in 2017 facebook had 2 billion users. Most popular facebook ad is Facebook Lead Ads. In these ads user have to submit  a form where his basic information is auto filled. 25% of facebook users only access the site on phones.It has to be make sure that your ad is optimized for mobile devices as well.
  2. Another example is Instagram. 60% of Instagram user say they discover new brands they're interested in through Instagram.It offers Photo ads, Video ads and story ads.These types of ads make strong network if the product or solution offered by you is having a strong landing page content.
  3. Let's talk about the LinkedIn. It is 500 million active professional make a strong network for B2B market.It is very helpful when you are specifically targeting the specific persona. LinkedIn has three options: Sponsored content, Text ads and Sponsored InMail.
  4. Other one we have Twitter. It has Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted accounts. 94% of Twitter users said they plan to purchase products from small business they follow on Twitter.
  5. PInterest and Snapchat also could be the medium for advertising. PInterest has 200 million active users and audience is predominantly female. Users are actively looking for new ideas.It comes in the form of Pinterest pins. Snapchat on the other hand is useful for younger audience and oftenly they are early adopters for products, services and solution.
  6. If you want to advertise your ad in the form of video, you should opt for YouTube ads. In an average month, people over the age of 18 watch more video content on YouTube than any television network.
  7. Google Adwords is the other network to display ads after facebook. More than 40,00 searches are conducted on google every second. It can be used for any type of target audience. Google Adwords gives  a quick answer to your  question at every stage user buying. More specific the Keyword more users will come to your ad.
Tue, 03/02/2021 - 22:09
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