Top ReactJS Developer Tools to Build High-Performance Apps

Top ReactJS Developer Tools to Build High-Performance Apps

Conceived by Meta (Facebook), React initially was a JavaScript toolkit that made it possible for engineers to create dynamic user interfaces. Going down the years, the library has made lives easier for developers.

Starting from tasks like debugging, to assisting in boosting the overall visibility and performance, React has gone on to become a developers’ favorite tool for web app development. This is due to the support it provides them in ensuring quick results with zero instances of delays.

This is why the maximum number of businesses make use of this library when entering into the task of web development.

Want to know the specialty of this tech stack? Read this article to get acquainted with it, and its basic components, followed by a list of tools that are present within that makes it a developers’ favorite for building high-performance apps.

All About ReactJS – What Is Its USP?

ReactJS was founded by Meta (Facebook) as an efficient and declarative open-source JavaScript library to support developers in the quest to develop simple, efficient, and scalable front-ends of web apps.

According to research in 2022, it was noted that ReactJS has over 42.62% users whereas 220,000 websites have observed their build-up as a result of the tech stack.

The graph below clarifies the same with utmost precision.

ReactJS has over 42.62% users

Want to know what has led to these dramatic numbers coming up in the first place? Check out the features the tech stack contains to comprehend this better.

  • Component architecture to make the task of defining interactions and visuals within the app an easy task.
  • Virtual DOM to accelerate the pace of web app development.
  • JSX, a markup syntax that makes it easy to describe the app interface appearance.

What are ReactJS Developer Tools?

Knowing the basics of ReactJS, and what it constitutes is important we now delve deep into understanding the basics of the ReactJS developer tools.

These tools are browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, etc to ensure that tasks like debugging and examining React apps get simplified altogether alongside making it easy to inspect the state and performance of components or the project respectively.

Reasons to Use ReactJS Developer Tools

Different factors contribute to the importance of using ReactJS developer tools some of which are:

  • Eases the way different component states are changed without however causing any hindrance to other components.
  • Simplifies inspection-related tasks and debugging.
  • Helps visualize the re-renders summary.
  • Allows for detailed and quick profiling so that performance bugs become easy to detect.

Top ReactJS Developer Tools Developers

Knowing the pros of using ReactJS developer tools, we must get hands-on with the ReactJS developer tools that developers particularly rely on for building high-performance apps.


A set of easy-to-use configurable React components, Belle comes first on our list of tools that developers channel for web app development. This is due to the support it provides them in importing those components to the app they create like Button, ComboBox, Rating, etc.

React Developer Tools

Known as being an extremely popular React web tool, React developer tools are known for providing their support in debugging with Profiler. It also helps in monitoring the way different components impact each other and assessing the overall operations of the debugging components.


Coming third on our list is Reactide. Known as an integrated development environment for building web apps, Reactide makes it convenient to render the react project as soon as the React JSX file is opened within the browser. It equally supports in creating state flow visualizations alongside keeping developers updated on different changes, props, etc of the project.


Using the concept of a data store, Redux helps developers in enabling tracking related activities related to the state of the application. This makes it easy to share data across different components. Simultaneously, as a result of the library having a small size, it is an exceptionally compact and powerful library.

React Cosmos

Coming fifth in our list of top ReactJS developer tools that developers rely on for building reusable components for the React app they develop. It particularly is popular among them due to the support it provides them to render different components with combinations of context, state, and props thereby aiding them to observe the evolution of the app in real time.


Enzyme is known for comparing the expected value of components in an efficient way against the actual test results of the Jest tool snapshots. By offering tools, it effortlessly searches data within the component so that the testing process gets accelerated altogether.


Known for support in providing statically rendered pages, Gatsby is known for providing starting templates alongside supporting developers in receiving pre-configured styling choices for the app they develop.


CodeSandbox is a tool known for supporting developers in a situation wherein they possess limited space on their device that includes a laptop or computer to code and build apps. Known for the support it provides in automating actions like bundling, trans-piling, etc, alongside its other functionalities like the live preview function makes it easy for developers to take a glance at the outcome of their code as they manually type it.

How to Use the ReactJS Developer Tools?

In the lines above, we have provided you a list of the top ReactJS developer tools, it is now crucial to gain insight into the techniques for using it.

  • Download React developer, find the extensions/ add-ons for Firefox and Chrome, and download and install them onto the browser of the systems.
  • Click on the ‘React’ tab to get a list of root React components rendered on the page in addition to different sub-components that the root renders.
  • Use the right-hand panel to view and edit the props and state to make it easy to inspect the selected component, the component’s creator, and the component that created the creator, etc.

Final Take on ReactJS Developer Tools

With the discussion we have done in the guide here, it becomes obvious to state React developer tools simplify the overall app development process alongside providing support in boosting the productivity of developers. All you need to do is make the right choice from the list above. In case you are stuck, worry not, get in touch with a company with out-of-the-box skills in ReactJS development services.

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