Test Driven Development Steps

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Test-Driven Development has some of the following steps.

1.) Well thought Test Cases:

  • A developer writes test cases without any code in front of him. This is done by understanding the functionality required and writing the cases accordingly.
  • The test cases are to test the expected feature.

2.) Case Failure Red:

  • This step tells us that the ran test cases will get compile error as there is no code and is referred to as the red stage, indicating failure of the test case.

3.) Get The Failed Test Case Pass Green:

  • In this step, the developer writes only the minimum required number of codes for the test cases that failed. This becomes a challenging activity for developers who are used to writing code for the entire module in one go.
  • The test case is running again to make sure it passes.

4.) Get The Old Test Cases Pass Green:

  • Steps 3 and 4 happen in one go as the old test cases which failed also need to be made pass by writing code, which is called nothing but continuos regression.

5.) Code Refactor And Cleaning:

  • This step is to refactor the code and make the code refined. 
  • Steps 3 and 4 are only for writing code, whereas important design and maintainability of code come here in the refactoring step.

6.) The Cycle Repeats:

  • After step 5, the cycle is repeated multiple times from 1 to 5 in an automated manner so that all of the features are covered in the test-driven development cycles.