Test Design

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Test Design is the activity of the test process where test conditions are transformed into high-level test cases, sets of high-level test cases, and other testware. 

Test Design answers the question "how to test?" During Test Design, test conditions are elaborated into test cases and Sets of test cases using different test techniques. During this phase, different types of defects in the test basis can be identified. 

We can design test cases using different testing techniques like equivalence class testing, Boundary value analysis, state transition, pairwise testing, or exploratory testing.

Major Activities of Test Designs

Major Activities of Test Designs are:

  • Designing Test Cases
  • Prioritizing Test Cases
  • Identifying Test Data
  • Designing Test Environment
  • Identifying Required Infrastructure and Tools
  • Capturing Bi-Directional traceability between the test basis, test conditions, and test cases