Test Completion

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Test completion is the last stage of the Software Testing Life Cycle. During this activity, we collect data from completed test activities to consolidate experience, testware, and other facts or figures. Test Completion is an activity that makes test assets available for later use, leaves test environments in a satisfactory condition, and communicates testing results to relevant stakeholders.

When Test Completion Activities Occur

Test completion activities occur at project milestones, such as:

  • When a software system is released
  • A test project is completed or canceled
  • An Agile project iteration is finished
  • A test level is completed
  • A maintenance release has been completed.

Major Activities of Test Completion

Test completion includes the following major activities:

  • Checking whether all defect reports are closed
  • Entering change requests or product backlog items for any defects that remain open at the end of test execution
  • Closing incident reportsĀ 
  • Documenting the acceptance of the system
  • Creating a test summary report and communicating it to stakeholders. This report contains a high-level overview of all the testing performed and their results.
  • Finalizing and archiving the test environment, the test data, the test infrastructure, and other testware for later reuse
  • Handing over the testware to the maintenance teams, other project teams, or other stakeholders who could benefit from its use
  • Checking which planned deliverables had been delivered
  • Analyzing lessons learned from the completed test activities to determine changes needed for future iterations, releases, and projects
  • Using the information gathered to improve test process maturity.