Test Closure Activity

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In this activity we collect data from completed test activities to consolidate experience, testware, facts and numbers. Test closure activities occur when any project milestone achieved, such as software released, project completed or cancelled.

In Test Closure we make a document that gives a summary of all the tests conducted during the software development life-cycle, it also gives a detailed analysis of the bugs removed and errors found.

Major Tasks of Project closure activities

  1. Check planned deliverable: Check which planned deliverable have been delivered. These mainly include test case documents, test plan, test strategy, test scripts, test data, traceability matrix and test results.
  2. Ensure all incidents resolved: Close incident report.
  3. Document system acceptance or rejection:  Here, every aspect of the developed software and application along with its supporting data and information is accepted by the customer representatives before the implementation of the software system.
  4. Finalise the archive testware: Such as scripts, test environment and Infrastructure for later reuse.
  5. Handover to Maintenance: Hand over the testware to the maintenance organisation. It will save test efforts for them.
  6. Analyse lessons learned: for future release and projects.
  7. Use gathered information to improve test maturity: providing information on improving maturity.