Static Testing Work Products

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Almost Any work product produced during the Software Development Life Cycle can be examined using the review or static analysis.

Reviews can be applied to any work product the participants can read and understand. Static analysis can be used with any work product with a formal structure for which an appropriate static analysis tool exists. Here formal structure refers to code or models. Static analysis can even be applied with tools that evaluate work products written in natural languages, such as requirement documents for spelling errors,  grammatical mistakes, and readability.

Here are work products that we can examine using Static Testing:

  • Agile projects work products: Epics,  user stories, and acceptance criteria 
  • Design work products: Architecture and Design Specification
  • Development work products: Code and Unit Test Cases
  • Models: such as activity diagrams, which may be used for Model-Based testing
  • Project work products: Contracts, project plans, schedules, and budget planning
  • Specifications work products: Functional requirements,  business requirements, and security requirements documents
  • Operational work products: Configuration set-up and infrastructure set-up guides/manuals
  • Testing work products: Testware, including test plans, test cases, test procedures, and automated test scripts
  • Web Pages
  • User work products: User manuals, Help guides