Start WinAppDriver Programmatically Java

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You can launch WinAppDriver programmatically in Java using several ways. Two approach we will discuss today ProcessBuilder and RunTime Class:

Method 1: Launch WinAppDriver using Process Builder

Process builder is a class used to create operating system processes.

// WinAppDriver path
String winAppDriverPath = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Application Driver\\WinAppDriver.exe"; 

// Process provides control of native processes started by ProcessBuilder.start and Runtime.exec
Process p;
// Launch WinAppDriver
public void launchWinAppDriver() throws IOException
    // List containing the WinAppDriver path and its arguments
    // This list will be accepted by ProcessBuilder
     List<String> command = new ArrayList<String>();
    // Add Path for WinAppDriver
    // Port for WinAppDriver
    // inheritIO - Sets the source and destination for subprocess standard I/O to be the same as those of the current Java process.
    ProcessBuilder builder = new ProcessBuilder(command).inheritIO();

    // Start method creates a new process instance 
    p = builder.start();	
// Terminate WinAppDriver Process
public void close()

Method 2: Launch WinAppDriver using Run Time Class

String winAppDriverPath = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Windows Application Driver\\WinAppDriver.exe";

public void LaunchRuntime() throws IOException