Software System Context

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A Software System is a system with different component which communicate with each other. A Software System consist of single or many programs, configuration files, Documentation, data and information.

Software System consist of specification, test results, end-user documentation, maintenance records etc.

There are different types of software systems exist today, 3 major categories are:

  1.  Application Software: Microsoft Office, Window Media Player, Paint etc
  2.  Programming Software: Eclipse, PhpStorm, Compiler, Interpreters
  3. System Software: Operating System, Utility Software, Language Translators, Library Programs

Your day to day life surrounded by devices which consist of Software. Any failure of Software cost you in terms of money, business reputation, time and life.

For different domain Testing is not completely same. Testing differ context  to context. Banking system is tested differently then E-Commerce and Security system has their own additional test cases.

No matter for which domain you are testing, Testing should be done with complete care. Every domain has several risk because of bad Software. Like Banking and E-commerce failure can lead money, time, customer and client loss.

Medical Equipment, Satellites or other industrial machines and products failure can lead to loss of life also.