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Share your new Eclipse Maven Project to Github

For adding your new project to Github you need github account. If you do not have one you can create one by visiting GitHub.

Step 1: Right click on your project and go to Team -> Share Project

Step 2: Click on Create Next to Repository dropdown.

Step 3: Enter your repository name and Click Finish.

Step 4: Right click again on your project and go to Team -> Commit

Step 5: Add all unstaged files to stage

Step 6: Enter Commit Message and click on Commit and Push

Step 7: Open and Click on New on left hand side

Step 8: Enter Repository Name

Step 9:  Select public/private and Click on Create Repository 

Step 10: Copy URI

Step 11: Navigate to Eclipse and Paste URI

Step 12: Enter Username and Password in Secure Store [it will ask for some information enter information which you can remember]

Step 13: Click Next -> Next and Then Finish -> Close

Step 14: Navigate to GitHub you can see the code in your repository.

Submitted by tgoswami on August 31, 2020

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