Review Process

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Review is a manual technique used in static testing to assess work products for necessary changes. Since reviews are a form of static testing, Test Managers may be responsible for their overall success, particularly concerning the testware products. Objectives of the review process must be defined during test planning. 

Table of Contents

  1. Informal vs Formal Review
  2. Review Formality
  3. Review Focus
  4. Types of Review
  5. Video Tutorial

Informal Vs Formal Review

Reviews differ from informal to formal.

  • Informal Review: It does not follow a defined process and not having a formally documented output. 
  • Formal Review: formal reviews are described by the team participation, recorded review results, and documented procedures for conducting the Review.

Review Formality

The formality of a review process is related to factors such as:

  • Software development lifecycle model
  • Maturity of the development process
  • The complexity of the work product to be reviewed
  • legal or regulatory requirements
  • Need for an audit trail

Review Focus

The focus of a review depends on the agreed objectives of the Review, such as:

  • Finding Defects
  • Gaining Understanding
  • Educating Existing or New Participants: To be efficient, participants in reviews must have the appropriate level of knowledge, both technical and procedural.
  • Discussion and decision by consensus

Types of Reviews

  • Informal Review
  • Walkthrough
  • Technical Review
  • Inspection
  • Management Reviews
  • Audits