Retrieve your recent Tweets using Postman GET request

Follow below steps to retrieve your recent tweets:

Step 1: Create a twitter account.

Step 2: Create your app on Twitter and generate keys and tokens. Follow steps here.

Step 3: Use below endpoint in Postman GET request, Here tgoswami013 is my twitter handle name.

Step 4: Click on Authorization tab and Enter/Select following details  on Postman

  • Type = OAuth 1.0
  • Add authorization data to Request Headers
  • Signature Method HMAC-SHA1
  • Consumer Key API key on Twitter
  • Consumer Secret API secret key on Twitter
  • Access Token = Access token on Twitter
  • Token Secret Access token secret  on Twitter

There is no need to change any other detail Postman will do it for you automatically.

Step 5: Click on Send button.

Tue, 09/01/2020 - 23:52
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