Remote Log In to your AWS EC2 Windows Instance as an Administrator

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You can log in to an instance as Administrator by using the appropriate password. If you have assigned an EC2 key pair to an instance, Amazon EC2 uses it to automatically create and encrypt an Administrator password when the instance starts. You can then use the key pair's private key with the EC2 console, API, or CLI to retrieve and decrypt the password.

  1. Open the EC2 console, and choose Instances from the navigation pane.
  2. Select the instance, choose Connect, and choose Get Password.
  3. Provide a path to the EC2 key pair's private key on your workstation, and choose Decrypt Password. Copy the decrypted password for later use.
  4. Open the Windows Remote Desktop Connection client and provide following information:
    • Computer – The instance's public DNS name or public IP address, which you can get from the instance's details page.
    • User name – Administrator.
    • When the client prompts for your credentials, provide the decrypted password from Step 4.