Redis vs MongoDB

As you all know that the use of the database is increasing nowadays because of the increase in data generation. RDBMS has some drawbacks in terms of limiting Data types and limiting memory storage. To overcome the drawbacks, the NoSQL database comes into existence. However, in this article, you are going to see the comparison between two types of NoSQL databases Redis and MongoDB.

Difference between Redis and MongoDB

Follow the below-given table to know the difference between Redis and MongoDB:

DefinitionRedis is known as a NoSQL database that operates data on Key-Value format.MongoDB is a NoSQL database that stores data in terms of Collection and documents. The values inside the documents are stored in Key-Value format.
ScalabilityRedis is weaker in terms of scalability as it limits the total RAM usage.MongoDB has higher scalability than Redif as it follows horizontal scaling.
LanguageRedis is written in C Language and in ANSI. Also, it supports C, Java, JavaScript, Python, and many others.MongoDB is written in C++. JavaScript, Go, Python. It supports C, C++, PHP, Python, R, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and many more.
PlatformRedis is known as the in-memory data structure. It also provided the advantage of caching.MongoDB is known as a NoSQL database that is also a cross-platform database.
SpeedRedis is much higher in terms of speed as compared to MongoDB.MongoDB runs slower than Redis
Data TypesRedis supports various data types as lists, sets, sorted sets, strings, bit arrays, HyperLogLogs, geospatial indexes.MongoDB deals with various data types as String, integer, Double, boolean, arrays, objects, null, etc.