Recording a JMeter script via HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder

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Recording is often the first step to develop test plan for applications.

Step 1: Open Jmeter in GUI mode

Step 2: Click on Template

Step 3: Click on "File"->"Templates..."

Step 4: Select "Recording" from "Select Template" dropdown

Step 5: Click on "Create" button

Step 6: Click on "HTTP(S) Test Scrip Recorder" on Left Pane

Step 7: Change port from 8888 to 7000 [or any other]. The purpose is choose a different port that is not currently used.

Step 8: Click on "Start" button

You might need to configure your proxy otherwise recording would not work. Follow these steps to configure proxy and then click on Start button.

You can see the recorded result in view result tree under HTTP(S) Test script recorder.