Python: yield Keyword

In Python, the yield is a keyword that is used in Python to return some value from the function without finishing the states of a local variable. It means it stores all the states of the variable inside a function and later starts executing of the function from the last yield statement. 


def fun():  
    yield expression 

Advantage of Yield:

  • It is the best statement used in the generator function to store a local variable's states and resume its execution from the last yield statement.
  • Since the old state is retained, the flow doesn’t start from the beginning and hence saves time.

Disadvantage of Yield Keyword:

  • Time and memory optimization of the code complexity, and sometimes it is hard to understand the yield statement's working logic.


def func_1():  
    yield "Welcome to the Python"    

result = func_1()  
for x in result:

Output: Welcome to the Python