Python Pandas DataFrame: info() method

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Pandas function is used to get the concise summary of the dataframe. It prints information of dataframe which include the index dtype and columns, non-null values and memory usage. It is used when doing exploratory analysis of DataFrame. It is used to get a quick overview of datasets of the given dataframe.

Syntax, buf=None, max_cols=None, memory_usage=None, null_counts=None)


  • verbose: It is optional.It is used to indicate wether to print full summary or not.
  • buf: It is optional.It is used for where to send the output. By default sys.stdout. If you need to further process the output then pass the writeable buffer.
  • max_cols: It is used to determine wether to print full summary or short summary. By default the setting in pandas.options.display.max_info_columns is used here.
  • memory_usage: It is used to specify whether total memory usage of the DataFrame elements should be displayed or not.
  • show_counts: It is used to specify wether to show null counts or not.


It does not return any value it just print the information of the given dataframe.


# import pandas as pd
import pandas as pd

name=['Jack','Monica','Alice','Joey','Rahul','Rohit'] #creating a dataframe

df=pd.DataFrame({'Name':name,'Total_Marks':total_marks}) print the full summary


<class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'>
RangeIndex: 6 entries, 0 to 5
Data columns (total 2 columns):
# Column     Non-Null Count Dtype
--- ------   -------------- -----
0 Name        6 non-null    object
1 Total_Marks 6 non-null    int64
dtypes: int64(1),object(1)
memory usage: 224.0+bytes