Python Pandas: Create a DataFrame using dict of series

In this method first we need to create list and then make them series and finally create a dataframe.


import pandas as pd

names=["John","Jill","Monica","Joey","Alice"]#create a list
ages=[22,24,20,24,26]#create another list

series_names=pd.Series(names)#create series

students=pd.DataFrame({'Name':series_names ,
                       'Fees Submitted':series_fees})#create the pandas dataframe

print(students)#print dataframe


     name  age  Fees Submitted
0    John   22            True
1    Jill   24           False
2  Monica   20            True
3    Joey   24            True
4   Alice   26           False
Fri, 10/29/2021 - 18:55

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