Python Comments

Python Comment is an essential tool for the programmers. It is generally used to explain the code, without the use of it, things can get real confusing.

Comments describe what is going on inside a program, so that a person looking at the source code does not have a hard time figuring it out. A good programmer must use the comments because in the future anyone wants to modify the code as well as implement the new module; then, it can be done easily.

It explains the logic or a part of it used in the code. Comments are usually helpful to someone maintaining or enhancing your code when you are no longer around to answer questions about it.

In Python, we use the hash (#) symbol to start writing a comment.

There are two types of comment in Python:

Single line comment

Python single line comment starts with hashtag symbol with no white spaces (#) and lasts till the end of the line.

# This is a comment
# Print “Program Buzz!” to console

Multi-line comments

We can have comments that extend up to multiple lines. One way is to use the hash(#) symbol at the beginning of each line. Another way of doing this is to use triple quotes, either ' ' ' or " " ".  Multi-line comments or paragraphs serve as documentation for others reading your code.

Use # for multiline comment

#This is a multi-line comment
#and it extends
#to multiple lines

Use ' ' ' for multiline comment

'''This is a multi-line comment
and it extends
to multiple lines'''

Use """ for multiline comment

"""This is also an
 example of
multi-line comments"""