Post API Request using Playwright Java

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In this article, we will make POST API requests using playwright java.

The same reqres site, solely for API testing, shall be used for this article for demonstration.

    Playwright playwright = Playwright.create();
        APIRequestContext request = playwright.request().newContext();

        Browser browser = playwright.chromium().launch(new BrowserType.LaunchOptions().setHeadless(false));
        Page page = browser.newPage();

        HashMap<String, String> data = new HashMap<String, String>();

        data.put("name", "Naruto");
        data.put("job", "Ninja");

        String response ="", RequestOptions.create().setData(data)).text();


        JsonObject j = new Gson().fromJson(response, JsonObject.class);
  • First, we create a request context and then access the post and other HTTP methods.
  • Before that, we generate a hashmap and set data according to the POST payload of the reqres site.
  • Then, we POST the payload to the respected URL using the request context.
  • Then using gson, a parser for getting JSON objects can be used to fetch the payload data.