Playwright Wait for URL

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waitForUrl() method is used by the playwright to wait for the specified URL till it stops loading and completes fully.


await page.waitForURL(url);

Arguments Used:

Url:  string|RegExp|function(URL)

A glob pattern or any regex pattern receiving URL is provided to match while waiting for the navigation.


 timeout: Maximum time taken in milliseconds default is 30 seconds.

waitUntil "load"|"domcontentloaded"|"networkidle"|"commit"

domcontentloaded: Operation to be finished when the domcontentloaded event is fired.
load: Operation to be completed when the load is fired.
networkidle: Operation to be completed when networkidle is fired when there are no network connections.
commit: Operation to be completed when network response is received, and the doc starts loading.


await page.goto('');
             await page.locator('.fa-search').click()
          await page.locator('#edit-keys').type('Playwright')
          await page.locator('#edit-submit').click()
          await page.waitForURL('')           
  • Here we used waitForURL to the URL where when clicked on the search bar 'go.'
  • This will wait for the specified URL and then prepares the page for other operations.