Playwright Use fixme in beforeEach Hook

In playwright using fixme() will skip the next part of the test without hesitation. You can use the fixme method in a beforeEach hook to indicate that the code needs attention.

test.beforeEach(async ({page})=> 
   await page.goto('file://D:/iVagus/Playwright/dbl.html');
   // indicate that this needs attention
   test.fixme('Logic for selecting the element needs to be updated');
   await page.locator('//*[@id="heading"]').dblclick();
test('Verify title', async ({page})=> 
   await expect(page.locator('//*[@id="heading"]')).toContainText('Welcome to the');
   console.log(await page.locator('//*[@id="heading"]').textContent())
  • Here we can see that the test is skipped because it needs attention, and only the next test is run.
Mon, 01/30/2023 - 13:41
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