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Playwright Locators and Selectors

Like any other automation tool, locators and selectors are pretty standard when writing tests with them. Locators are used to performing actions on elements of a page through methods such as click, type, assert, etc. Selectors are strings that are used to make up a locator.

The playwright can handle both CSS and XPATH selectors.

Playwright Using CSS:

  • CSS engine pierces open shadow DOM by default, and the playwright adds custom pseudo-classes like :visible, :text, etc.
const {test, expect} = require('@playwright/test');
test('CSS Selector', async ({page})=> 

await page.goto("");
await page.locator('.gv-icon-52').click()
await page.locator('#edit-keys').type('Playwright')
await page.locator('#edit-submit').click()

  • So we navigated to the page, clicked on search, typed in 'Playwright,' and clicked on submit using the CSS selector.
  • A dot followed by the class value is viable for using the class.
  • In the case of ID, we can use # followed by the ID value present in the DOM.

Playwright Using XPATH:

  • XPATH selectors are equivalent to calling document.evaluate.
  • // and .. can be an early indicator of the XPath selector which is being utilized.
  • Playwright works in the fashion of converting '//HTML/body' to 'xpath=//html/body'.
  • Like CSS, XPATH cannot pierce shadow roots.
const {test, expect} = require('@playwright/test');
test('CSS Selector', async ({page})=> 

await page.goto("");
await page.locator("//i[@class='gv-icon-52']").click()
await page.locator("//input[@id='edit-keys']").type('Playwright')
await page.locator("(//input[@id='edit-submit'])[1]").click()
  • // followed by the tag name and attribute name within a square bracket, and its value is the apparent syntax of XPATH.
  • The third selector chooses the id element by its index position.
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